Slow Progress

FungiSlow2This past week has been tough on my knitting.  I’m in the process of house buying and it’s time-consuming and stressful.  But I’ve managed about 5 more inches on this piece nonetheless.

I’m fairly close to breaking my monogamous knitting habit and starting a second project just to break up the monotony.  I’m afraid if I do start another project, I will never come back and complete this one!

15 thoughts on “Slow Progress

      • With all the stranding in that weight of yarn, I’ll give you the win in the Tedious category. 🙂 But at 85″ in length and 20″ of width in linen stitch at 17 ROWS per inch, I think my Vancouvers will take Silver. One down, half of one to go. Race ya!


      • Wow. That’s a marathon project!! And with the linen stitch too! I gave up on a scarf that used the linen stitch. It was beautiful but I think it’s more tedious than color stranding so you win in both categories! 🙂


  1. I am truly not a fan of knitting one project at a time. I usually have several different types of projects going – I have my socks (usually 2 or 3 pairs at a time, at different points) that are great to just shove in my pocketbook for a “just in case I have down time” project. I have a couple sweaters for car-ride knitting, or basketball game knitting, you get the idea, and then I have random other things, like boot cuffs and scarves for when I get frustrated. I am always in awe of people whose attention span lets them stick to one at a time.


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