Episode 31- Fair Isle Hat, Yarn Painting Demo, Needle Felting Demo

Podcasts Mentioned:
Knitting Expat Podcast
knottygnome crafts
Yarn Junkie Podcast
Spicy Homemaker Podcast
Tiny Paper Foxes Podcast
Fluffy Fibers Podcast

Dakota dreams Men’s Hat
Baa-ble Hat

Knit Picks (Palette, Stroll Tweed, Speckled Hawthorne)
yarn.com (Webs)
Skeino – Gala Scarf
Into the Whirled (Fiber club)
Going Gnome
Mrs. Brown’s Bags
Curly Furr
Buffalo Wool Company

Fearless Fair Isle Knitting (Book)
Karbonz Interchangeable Needles
Knitsy Digital Magazine
Budget Hobby (YouTube channel)
Flying Mio (YouTube channel)

4 thoughts on “Episode 31- Fair Isle Hat, Yarn Painting Demo, Needle Felting Demo

  1. Andi- I am so impressed with your daughter’s needle felting tutorial! She is really a sculpture artist to be able to do that. The mouse is so adorable, I want one. How long did it take her to make it? Thank her for doing the tutorial and thank YOU for sharing your talents on your podcast. The hand painted yarn demonstration was great. I really enjoy your episodes so keep them coming! Hugs-


    • Hi Debby! Thanks so much for your sweet words! I’ll definitely share them with Abigail. They will make her day! 🙂

      The mouse took her about an hour from start to finish. I’m hoping she’ll make another one (or two!) for me. 🙂 Your right- it really is sculptural art. And it was much harder than I originally thought!

      It was so much fun to get to see you together with your sister on your periscope broadcasts!

      Andi ❤


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