Who are you?

Andre Sue Knits is the independent fiber studio of Andi Dixon located in a small town outside of Richmond, VA.  Andi is a fiber artist that works in dyeing, painting, knitting, crochet, rug making and all things woolly.



When will new yarns and blanks be added?

There's currently not a schedule for adding yarn and sock blanks.  If you'd like to be notified of new inventory or events, please subscribe to my newsletter.  (Link at the bottom of the page.)

What is a sock blank?

A sock blank is a piece of knitted fabric that is designed to be unraveled and knit from directly.  To knit from a blank, simply unravel the blank from the right end (the wrong end has a lock stitch on the sides and you won’t be unable to unravel) and cast on.

The yarn will have a temporary kink until you block your finished piece and the yarn smooths out.

It is impossible to tell what your finished socks/shawl/hat might look like when knitting from a sock blank.  Watching the picture disappear from the blank as you knit and transform into your knitted item is exciting!

For more information, see Sock Blanks 101

How do you paint your blanks?

I use professional acid dyes and painterly techniques on superwash merino wool blends.  The designs originate from my own drawings, my daughters' drawings (Abigail & Rachael), and licensed images.

How do I care for the yarn?

I suggest you machine wash your projects in a garment bag, on the most gentle cycle your machine has, in cool water with a mild wool wash. Avoid hot water, lots of agitation, and regular detergents.  Spin your project out or roll it up and press between towels to get most of the water out, then reshape and lay flat to dry completely.

While the dyes used on my yarns are colorfast, it is not unusual for a hand-dyed yarn to bleed a little when washed especially with deep vibrant colors like red, hot pink, or turquoise.  To be safe, it's best to wash your project by itself for the first time to prevent staining other items.  If your yarn does bleed a little, put it in a bath with gentle wool wash and then rinse with lukewarm water until the water runs clear.

Can I place a custom order?

Unfortunately, at this time, I am not accepting custom orders.



How quickly do you ship?

All orders are usually fulfilled within 1-2 business days, unless otherwise noted as a pre-order.

What about customs?

Any customs fees are the responsibility of the recipient. Your package will be marked as merchandise and include an invoice. It is illegal for me to mark your purchase as a “gift” – please do not ask.

I purchased multiple orders.  Can you combine them?

Keep in mind that unlike Etsy, this store does not allow cart-jacking.  Any item put into your cart will stay in there for 5 minutes to give you the ability to browse and check out without rushing.  If possible, it's best to check out with all your items in your cart together.  However, if you end up with 2 separate orders on the same day, I will do my best to automatically combine multiple orders.  Occasionally one will slip past me and they will go out in separate orders.  Any overages in shipping charges will be refunded on combined orders.


Wholesale Inquiries

I am an LYS owner and would like to stock Bundle Up Betty and your enamel pins and accessories.  Do you take wholesale orders?

Yes.  I am currently taking wholesale orders for Bundle Up Betty as well as many of the custom accessories found in my store.  Please contact me through my contact page or email me at andi@andresueknits.com for a price list and details on how to order.

I am an LYS owner and would like to stock your yarns and sock blanks.  Do you take wholesale orders?

At this time, I am not accepting new wholesale orders for sock blanks or yarn.  If you are an existing wholesale account, I will gladly take re-orders.  Please contact me through my contact page if you'd like your store to be on a wholesalers wait list.

Are you available for trunk shows?

At this time I’m not available for trunk shows.


Other Questions

How else can I stay in touch?

I am very active on Instagram and post previews for the upcoming shop updates there.  instagram.com/andresueknits/