Fairies on sparkle

Fairies on sparkle

  • $45.00

This is a hand-painted sock blank in a fingering weight yarn. You can knit directly from the sock blank, unraveling it as you knit or you can wind it into a yarn ball first. This blank is one strand not two together. This yarn is soft, comfortable, and versatile.

70% superwash merino wool
25% nylon
5% stellina
fingering weight
438 yards
100 grams

Each sock blank is hand-dyed and hand-painted with professional acid dyes. Because of the nature of hand-painting, no two sock blanks will be exactly the same. There is a "right" end and a "wrong" end. The "right" end will unravel smoothly and the "wrong" end has a lockstitch at both edges.

Care has been taken to represent the actual color of the yarn but please be aware that actual color can vary from monitor to monitor.