Flower Sheep Rug Kit

  • $175.00

This kit includes:

  • linen with hand drawn design
  • 1956 yds of hand-dyed worsted weight yarn in the design colors.  This yarn is a sturdy 100% merino (not super fine micron.)
  • color card of the design to help with color placement as you work

This kit does NOT include:

  • Needle punch.  You can purchase one separately at amyoxford.com.  Select the fine needle in size #10.
  • Hoop or a frame.  You can purchase a hoop separately from my shop.
  • Instructions.  Please see my informational video on YouTube for the basics of needle punching.  A google search on needle punching will bring up lots of resources as well. 

Finished rug will be 30" x 20.75" plus finished edge that you choose.

Please note:  The yardage for the yarn was based on my own finished rug.  While extra yardage is included for differences in technique, if you use a longer loop length (1/2" loop size) or pack the loops in very densely, you may not have enough yarn to finish.  In this case, I'd recommend purchasing the linen design separately and not in a kit with pre-measured yarn.

 With hand dyed yarn every dye lot is similar but a little different. The nature of hand dyed yarns adds so much variation and depth of color and ensures each rug is unique.